Anthony Trucks – Your true Identity behind the Ego

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This week on It’s More Than Money Podcast’ Kye talks with Anthony Trucks, a former NFL Athlete, American Ninja Warrior, international Speaker and the founder of Identity Shift Coaching.

A foster child from 4 years of age to NFL player and now coach to thousands teaching the power of your identity as a tool to execute, so consistency in life becomes easy, allowing you to start attaining your most ambitious desires and dreams.

Anthony created The Shift Method. A process focused on helping people close their “Identity Gaps”, gaps responsible for the shortfalls in your potential and lack of success.

In this episode we explore the roots of Anthony’s life experience in making a shift, identifying who you really are and who you want to be and then align yourself with the work you want to do. We explore how the EGO impacts your level of success in life, importance of routine when it comes to becoming a better version of you and celebrating a ton of wins we have each day so you remain connected to the bigger joy within you

Anthony talks us through the ingredients to a successful life and a successful you – See, Shift and Sustain

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