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Mike Cameron – From Bagging Manure to an Awakened Existence

This week on ‘It’s More Than Money’ Kye and Kelly talk with speaker, author and performance coach, Mike Cameron. Life can take away what you HAVE but it can never take away WHO you are so focus on BECOMING more not HAVING more. A great quote symbolising what Mike Cameron is about and what he […]

Bonds, inflation, and your investment

The recent sharp rise in bond rates may not be a big topic of conversation around the Sunday barbecue, but it has set pulses racing on financial markets amid talk of inflation and what that might mean for investors.

Love and money: achieving financial harmony

The past 12 months have been a challenging time for many of us on a personal level, with the pandemic having a far-reaching impact on so many aspects of our lives. While the Australian economy is proving remarkably resilient, personal finances have been affected in different ways by lockdowns and government initiatives put in place to soften the economic toll of the pandemic.