International Women’s Day: Advice From Our Recent It’s More Than Money Guests.

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International Women’s Day is upon us once again. To celebrate, we are sharing the fantastic experiences of female entrepreneurs and experts from the It’s More Than Money podcast to champion the achievements of women in business and a variety of fields.

We hope this brings some valuable inspiration to our listeners, with advice from serial entrepreneur Sarah Hawley, business and mindset coach Ellie Burscough, and Dr Jennifer Goldman-Weltzer, a leading expert on conflict and organisational psychology.


Sarah Hawley on Doing What Feels Right For You.

On the It’s More Than Money podcast, Sarah discussed how important it is to be a “conscious leader”. Sarah is a firm believer and practitioner of creating a commercially-viable business model, creating nine companies since 2009. She is driven to create businesses around her zone of genius and to solve a problem instead of identifying an opportunity to make money and exploiting it. 

Her most recent business is Growmotely, a remote work platform designed to bring companies and professionals together. The company aims to improve the lives of individuals while simultaneously reducing the burden on the environment from commuting and allows people to completely redefine their relationship with work and enjoy what they do for a living without sacrificing their family time and hobbies. 

Sarah is also currently devoted to inspiring people through her actions. Without force or coercion, Sarah believes in ‘inspiring possibility’ by being herself and attracting the right connections and opportunities naturally. By aligning with what feels right to her, she encourages us to believe in ourselves and to discover our truth. 

Her episode is definitely worth a listen, so check it out here. 


Ellie Burscough on Finding Your Path.

Ellie’s goal is to help entrepreneurs work less but double their income. She explains how the possibility of doing a variety of things for a financial reward often makes it difficult for people to actually choose one and stick with it. 

According to her, the way to go about it is first to determine what’s most important to you personally, i.e. what will help you get the very best from your business and life. This, in turn, will also help you identify ways in which you could be obstructing your path to success. Self-awareness leads to resolving inner conflict and acquiring the means and tools to propel yourself forward with complete confidence.

However, it is important to note that there is no cookie-cutter approach to creating a business. 

Her approach is centred on getting the complete picture of her clients; their lifestyle, their passion, who they are as a person before helping them. So, instead of preaching ways that worked in the past, Ellie helps people find their individual paths to doubling their income while working 3-4 days a week in their respective industries. 

Listen to this episode to hear about Ellie’s ventures and how her experiences solidified her interest in mindset coaching.


Dr Jennifer Goldman-Weltzer on Conflict Freedom

When experiencing conflict, have you ever felt the level of added exhaustion it can bring to even the easiest of days? On It’s More Than Money, Dr Jennifer Goldman-Weltzer encouraged us to resolve conflicts to promote physical and mental wellbeing by freeing ourselves from the weight these bring. 

She particularly stresses that during her interventions within organisations, she strives to make the recipients integrate the feedback they’re receiving from their colleagues in the best possible way. 

In her book, ‘Optimal Outcomes: Free yourself from conflict at work, at home, and in life’, Dr Goldman-Weltzer introduced the concept of Conflict Freedom, which as opposed to conflict resolution, aims to free someone from a conflict loop by accepting that some conflicts are never going to be neatly resolved. Instead, we can find ways around it and break the pattern by changing our behaviour.

Drawing on real-life examples, Jennifer helps us see that even when attempts to resolve conflict fail, it is still possible for us to free ourselves by simply altering our way of reacting and breaking out of a mould. She recommends three practices: mapping out the conflict, honouring shadow values and listening to our emotions and how they can help you free yourself from conflict even without anyone else’s cooperation. 

Listen to the episode with Jennifer here for more tips and guidance on managing conflicts within your organisation or personal life. 

To hear more advice from inspiring female leaders and entrepreneurs, check out more episodes of our It’s More Than Money podcast.

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