Kristine Carlson – How not to sweat the small stuff

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This week on ‘It’s More than Money Podcast’ Kye and Kelly talk with New York Times Bestselling author and world-renowned speaker, Kristine Carlson. She’s the co-author of ‘Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff’.

A slightly different but incredibly valuable path during this episode with Kristine

We discuss the concept of STAR – Surrender, Trust, Accept Receive; the idea is that you still have goals, you still pursue what you want but you adopt an allowing approach, life brings what it brings and you adapt and evolve

Life is not linear, it is only our beliefs that determine a linear view on how life should work. Even on a daily basis, we have an intention and then set an expectation that it all should be exactly as planned and react negatively when it doesn’t, trying to maintain some sense of control

Kelly shares a very personal moment unexpectedly that Kristine helps listeners understand the purpose of, how we can view a moment like that should we ever have it in our lives and how it benefits us

The Golden Pause teaches us the benefit of becoming present, how it can change your state of mind, how you feel and essentially calm you to be clearer and more joyful.

Connecting, being connected with ourselves and the importance of having insight to help us feel more content and satisfied. Some truly valuable, practical tools to use every day from our chat with Kristine

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