Laban Ditchburn

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This week on ‘It’s More Than Money Podcast’ Kye and Kelly talk openly with Laban Ditchburn, about his burning passion to inspire change to those who want it and ready to take up the challenge.

After conquering the full gamut of addictions, from food and booze to sex, gambling, and drugs Laban now defines the word transformation.

He cured his own “incurable” auto-immune disease and soon realised that taking everything on face-value, wasn’t always the best way forward.

When he repaired the physical damage, he also healed his mind and his spirit.

As a featured keynote speaker, accountability coach, and host of “Become Your Own Superhero” show, Laban’s burning passion is to inspire change to those that want it and are ready to take the first steps to do so.

Laban uses his own experiences as fuel, and his stories will empower you through unashamed vulnerability. They will force you to re-think what you thought was possible and how you can now head towards a life you only ever read about.

Laban is an ultramarathon athlete, biohacker, impressionist, self-improvement junkie, motivator, Cricket lover and will cook you the best steak you’ve ever eaten.

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