Lucas Meadowcroft – CEO/Co-Founder & Head of Growth – Tribu

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This week on ‘It’s More Than Money’ Kye talks with Lucas Meadowcroft, CEO/Co-Founder and Head of Growth – Tribu. As an IT Business Specialist he talks about assisting businesses pivot through tech and innovation as they grow.

For more than 17 years Lucas has served a diverse range of businesses, from start-ups to scale-ups, pushing the boundaries when it comes to tech & innovation, leveraging the latest technology trends, digitally transforming organisations and driving competitive advantage

Tribu’s mission is to enable IT helpdesks across the globe to discover their true potential through Innovation, Automation and Artificial Intelligence, firstly solving Level 1 IT Support issues.

We talk about the say yes to everything philosophy and the value this adds no matter the outcome, scaling up and backing yourself to create what it is that really matters in business for you

Here’s some information on Tribu, backed by Lucas with a desire to instil change for the better in the world

Automation and Artificial Intelligence, firstly solving Level 1 IT Support issues.

Tribu have already raised was $948k USD from our Lead Investor Rob Ness, Jason Calacanis & Brisbane Angels along with their syndicates with a further raise of $1.5m as we air this episode. They have 54 paying MSP (IT Support companies) from 10 countries using the platform while we continue to develop out the full AI solution.

Some great insights from Lucas as he shares an experience very few of us are part of in business yet all of us should be at some stage of our careers

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