Managing The Mosh Pit Of Your Mind With Tom Corner.

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“Nothing is ever good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

That little gem is from William Shakespeare. And we should take heed of his words before we’re overcome with more bad than good in our minds. That’s what Tom Corner realised as he developed his system for managing mental overwhelm that he calls ‘The Mosh Pit of Your Mind’.

Have you ever been in a mosh pit? If you think back to before social distancing, and if you’re an adventurous person, you might recall being in a sweaty group of concert-goers expressing your unbridled emotion, swaying within the chaotic group of bodies around you. Or, if you’re more reserved, you’ve probably watched from afar. Do you ever feel like that mosh pit is inside your mind? And those aggressive concert dancers are negative emotions tossing themselves about?

This mental mayhem is a reality for most of us who don’t have a firm grip on our emotions. We are constantly allowing our emotional state to make some mosh pit-style decisions in our heads. We go with the flow of anger, sadness, frustration, and other negative emotions without realising what is going on. This phenomenon can be both exhausting and distracting.

But Tom Corner has found that most people carry negative emotions such as anger, frustration, and stress longer than they should because their identity tells them they have to. Our identities ask, “If I don’t have my anger, who am I?” And when we can’t answer that question, we go back into anger. 

The core “why” of all this is due to our ego. The ego is our built-in protection mechanism trying to keep us safe from the dangers of the world. But when we lead with our ego, all we see is hate and pain. Our egos keep us closed-off and isolated.

Because of this ego-driven life many of us live, most go through their lives mindlessly, waiting to get a dopamine rush from their smartphones. Because of this, our perspective on life is distorted. We’re always on the hunt for approval from everyone else while simultaneously trying to protect ourselves from them. This becomes our purpose.

We can’t accept this! Our purpose is to contribute and give back to the world in a way that leaves us feeling fulfilled – something we can’t do if we’re always overwhelmed in our minds.

Tom Corner suggests we flood our brains with positive affirmations. We’re so quick to talk down to ourselves in our minds and treat ourselves like we’re not worthy of growth; we need to switch this thinking towards the positive.

Rather than focus on all the negatives, send more “good” into the mosh pit of your mind. Talk yourself up and mentally step into your brilliance. Tell yourself how good you are, how much you matter. Tell yourself you love yourself.

People who say you’ll never achieve anything in life don’t believe in themselves enough to allow their own greatness to shine through. You have a right to everything you want and deserve it all, but first, you need to start believing it.

The better the quality of your thoughts, the better emotions you feel. And with better emotions comes a better life. But to have this better life, you have to be willing to challenge your current identity. You have to be ready to shed old skin and make way for new growth. This process starts with changing the conversation in your mind telling you, you’re not enough.

The mosh pit of your mind can be challenging to escape, but once your thoughts are on track, you’ll be able to breathe easier and create a space for positivity to enter. For more from Tom Corner on managing the mosh pit of your mind, listen to our podcast episode on It’s More Than Money.


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