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People call me a ‘connector’. I love creating deep relationships with our clients, and everyone else I meet! I am passionate about every human on earth having the tools to live their best life and at Perron, helping our clients use money to create a life of joy.


What’s your background?

I’ve been in the financial services sector for 7 years working for Perron Financial Group as the Director of Human Connections. Right now, I help people make clear decisions around money with human connection and conversations. I’m almost always smiling. Prior to joining the team at Perron Financial Group I was a Business Development Manager for a Queensland Government recruitment company where I focused on helping community members gaining employment. Another role I have played in my life has been a parent of three amazing children, and wife to an amazing man with whom I share the role of Director of Perron Financial Group and who plays a very important role in my immediate and extended family.

I believe in family values and security. I believe that money enables choice, and it can be made as easily as it can be lost. I understand the importance of making the right decisions with your money and the difference it can make. Generosity, not selfishness, wins the race. What you give, you get back. An abundant money mindset is crucial for financial success, and when you reach that success, you pay it forward.

Why did you want to work with people?

I have always loved connecting with people and maintaining long-held connections (I have maintained friendships since my early primary school years in Brisbane). I am all about impact – what is the positive difference I can make to every meeting and every conversation. I want to leave each exchange feeling that I have felt something, learned something and elevated the people I meet and interact with each day in some way.

I apply this approach with our clients at Perron, enjoying getting to know them and understanding what is important to them. By doing so, I can get an appreciation of what they are trying to achieve and their potential, and then putting them on a path to building a life they had previously only imagined. Technology gives us powerful tools to automate and expedite some processes, but quality-based human connections are very powerful, and that is the quality I bring to our business that makes the difference for our clients.

Why did you start your role as Director of Human Connections?

My title, Director of Human Connections, says a lot about me. I realised early on that finance can be daunting for many people, and money experts and advisors often speak in a way that most people find difficult to understand. We are money experts, but we are people first, finance second, and everyone who meets me feels this immediately. Many people are awkward and embarrassed talking about their finances, and by tuning in on my interpersonal skills, empathy and humour, I break those barriers down to have authentic conversations that can change lives for the better.

Anything interesting about you that we should know?

I love travelling and volunteering in other countries, embracing different cultures. My last adventure was to Tanzania where I volunteered for two weeks in the Women’s Empowerment Programme, teaching Basic Business skills. I am a Mum to two amazing young men and one beautiful young lady, and am a big fan of watching my children do what they love in life.

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"If you choose not to decide, you have still made a choice"
~ Neil Peart