Kye Harris

Director | Financial Adviser

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My superpower is helping people change how they think and feel about money. By helping you connect to what you value in life and creating a clear path to get there, your stress will disappear, your world will open up and you’ll believe more is possible.

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What’s your background?

I’ve been working in the Financial Services sector for 17 years. I love supporting and guiding people with their money so they feel they can pursue what they want in life, without the worry of money.

My career started out of Uni into one of the major banks assisting clients with their lending needs. I loved the idea of investing and creating wealth for people so I pursued a Financial Planning career, leaving the bank after 2.5 years. My desire to craft a service offering that truly reflected the needs of people and their challenges or concerns around money grew and grew. I’ve put into practice personally the very things we speak to clients about today, our mindset and beliefs about money, how they can help or hinder us and then making all the right moves with their money to live life just the way we want.

Why did you want to work with people?

I have an innate need/drive to fix and help. With money having such an emotional charge around it, we’ve all obsessed over it, worried about it and consumed our lives with trying to earn or create more of it, I wanted to show people what they were actually capable of and how their money could work for them. I wanted to show them there was no need to worry about their finances now or for the future they wanted to see for themselves.

When it comes to our work at Perron, this is what I strive for with any advice or support I provide our clients. I love knowing our clients feel confident that they’re going to be ok no matter what situations they face. They know they can tackle anything.

Why did you start Perron Financial Group?

For so many years I found that the advice given to help people make better decisions with their money was somewhat disconnected with what really mattered in their lives.

Money evokes big emotions because we know it’s so intrinsically linked to our quality of life and even our basic survival. For so many, what is most challenging is that no matter how much money they have, there just never seems to be enough to go around.

Just as difficult is the indecision of what they should be doing with their money to get ahead while still what they really want, right now.

So, it became obvious for me that supporting people to feel great about their money and making sure they were on the right track was more than budget spreadsheets and investment strategies.

So we started Perron Financial Group and we’ve been helping people feel clear, confident and in control of their money since 2015.

Anything interesting about you that we should know?

I love surfing, especially with my son, and watching surfing clips on YouTube. I’d love to join him and my older son  motorbike riding but I’m yet to get there. Bikes make me nervous but I’m sure soon enough, I will be riding with them.

I’ve put into practice some huge shifts in mindset over the last few years and the changes within are astounding, I have loved every bit of it. These experiences have now become part of our conversations with clients and other people through our podcast. I love nothing more than helping people create a valuable shift in their mindset.

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"The reality you experience is a reflection of what you believe is most possible"
~ Bashar