Tommy and Heather Breedlove – knowing your role in life and for those most important

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This week on It’s More than Money, Kye catches up again with Tommy and Heather Breedlove to find out more about Heather’s business success as an author of ‘Shine your Bright’, CFO of Keystone Brothers and being a Co-Founder of ‘Choose Goodness’. It’s another inspiring life story.

Heather and Tommy Breedlove share rare and intimate stories of their beautiful marriage.  Kye talks with them about their marriage and their remarkable transition in life. Throughout their marriage and careers they have managed to maintain their sense of humour and inspire others to look after their own wellbeing. 

Heather is a super lady and like so many of us, she grew up striving for the perfect life, a fairy tale romance and a successful career. While working her way through her checklist of accomplishments, she found a disconnect. The person she was at home was not the person she was at work or ever the person she is. She was playing the role rather than participating in life.

We’ll also talk about Heather and Tommy’s life and learn the importance of embracing the past to have a more successful future. You’ll hear about their mission in life to empower humans with the tools and skills to become the person they have always dreamed of being.

All too often life throws us curve balls or we end up on autopilot ready to explode. We find ourselves burying our feelings just to keep everyone and everything around us afloat. Is it time to start to release some of the pressure and get to know yourself again?

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